Bovey Tracey Primary School

School Development Plan

Bovey Tracey Primary School - School Development Plan 2017/2018

Maths – We are in line with National Average for attainment in maths at KS 2.

Our next challenge is to ensure good progress for each group of pupils, including SEN Support and pupil premium.

Over the last two years we have significantly changed the teaching and learning approach. We now assess each child and teach them either as a whole class, a smaller tutorial group , an intervention group, a pre teach group or some focussed 1:1 support.

We are introducing no nonsense number facts.

We have overhauled our marking of work to ensure feedback has an impact on progress.

We are also using Bloom's questioning to support independent learning.

Writing across the school – Increase the number of children who are ARE in writing across the school.

We are ensuring high quality teaching sequences.

Our Assessment for learning has a big impact on where the child's learning journey goes next.

We are ensuring marking guides the child forwards and has an impact on progress.

GAPS training for KS1 and KS2 staff.

WGD - a slight change in approach enabling rich texts to encompass all ability levels and also offering more opportunities to write at length in a sustained way.

In addition, we are looking at quality of writing across the curriculum.

Closing the gap of PP children and ‘others,’ so that all PP children are at least ARE by the end of the year in each subject. If not there will be a case study detailing progress.

(See separate detailed PP breakdown)


Advocate for PP

1:1 Mentoring

1:1 feedback weekly

Thrive and progress linked to attainment

Consistency in teaching and leadership across the school to ensure/secure good or better outcomes for all pupils

Track progress of children with SEND across the school to ensure children with SEND support make good or better progress. Narrow the attainment gap between children with SEND support at our school and SEND support Nationally.

Continuing the learning journey from EYFS into year 1