Bovey Tracey Primary School

Thrive Hive

The Thrive Hive is a specifically tailored environment that provides children who attend with the space needed to support their emotional and social learning.

The Thrive Hive is a small class of children with identified social, emotional and/or behavioural needs. They may be children who feel insecure in school or who may need more adult support than cannot be provided within a mainstream class setting.

Within the Thrive Hive, children have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with adults and other children in a constant and predictable setting. The aim of the learning is to support children in building self-esteem, confidence, independence, team work, and social skills as well as providing emotional and behavioural support.

How are children taught in the Thrive Hive?

Learning and activities are planned closely to those that are completed in their mainstream class to ensure that the same skills and objectives are taught as their peers. This ensures that, whilst there is a focus on social, emotional and behavioural, access to the curriculum is still provided. Learning may however be broken down into smaller more manageable chunks to support the children in being and feeling successful.