Bovey Tracey Primary School

Organisation of Teaching and Learning

There are currently 260 children at Bovey Tracey Primary School, in classes of between 26 and 30 children.


The teaching teams include 16 teachers and 25 teaching assistants. In addition to class based staff we also benefit from support by specialist assistants, supporting children for whom English is an additional language and children with Special Educational Needs, as requirements exist.


The content of the curriculum has been planned by the whole staff within their phases.  In the mornings we focus on teaching English and Maths.


In the afternoon learning is planning through topics or contexts for learning; children follow a different topic in each phase and this links the learning through all subjects in the curriculum, including science. 


In addition, all children take part in Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Religious Education.


Class newsletters are sent to parents at the start of each term's topic, outlining the main areas to be covered and how they can support the children's learning at home.


The teachers within the school work as a team to plan activities and share resources. A range of teaching techniques is used as appropriate; no one teaching method dominates.  Classes are sometimes split for curriculum activities, enabling small group teaching.  The timetables reflect a broad and balanced programme of learning, but prioritises the learning of English, Maths, Science and PSHE as the core curriculum subjects.


All classes are of mixed ability.  Learning is well matched to the needs of individual children. Children work in groups, as a whole class and individually to ensure progress and work to the highest standard of attainment. Expectations of the children are high in terms of their attitude towards learning, the quality and quantity of work produced and the effort they make in the classroom.