Bovey Tracey Primary School

Story Time

We will regularly add a new story to this section of the website for you to enjoy at home. Do tell us if there is a particular story you would like us to read to you!

While we can't hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

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Written especially for children who miss hugging their friends and families during social distancing and lockdown in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

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Winnie the Witch is our characterisation of this half term's school value, self-belief. Winnie will never let a problem get in her way - she always believes there is a solution and that she can solve it. She's a great role model for initiative, self-belief and solution-focused thinking!

Try again Trevor

This is "Try again Trevor" by Rob Lewis. This story is a good example of Resilience, one of our school values.

Little Red Riding Hood - Nosy Crow

This is a version of the Traditional Tale - with a twist! It is the version that we are using for our English this half term.

The Word Collector

This is the Word Collector by Sonja Wimmer, published by Cuento de Luz, and shared with the author's permission. Luna collects words, and they are amazingly powerful. What words can you collect this week? Please share them with us on our padlet Wonderful Words and Vibrant Vocabulary (see link above).

Almost Anything by Sophie Henn

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George the rabbit thinks he is no good at anything. Bear persuades him to draw on his inner magic... this is a wonderful story to inspire children to develop a growth mindset.... that they CAN achieve if they keep trying and are positive that one day they will.

The Emperor's Egg

The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins is a beautiful book, telling the story of the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, and how the male penguin is a super-dad! It is a perfect way of learning about how this amazing creature lives in the coldest and windiest place on earth, and beautifully complements our learning about Antarctic animals this term.

Ice Bear

Ths is the story of Ice Bear - a story and an information book all in one - by Nicola Davies. This is the book we are using to help us learn how to write about polar animals, so that we can then write about how the animals of the Antarctic are also specially designed to live in their amazing and extreme habitat. Can you spot the sentences and phrases that you have learned at school? How about the vocabulary that we have been discovering? It would be great to share these words with your parents and carers at home. Thank you Mrs Andrews for reading it for us.

Sugarlump and the Unicorn

A favourite from Julia Donaldson. Thank you Mrs Russell!

Ruby's Worry

We have read Ruby's worry this term in school, to help us realise that a problem shared is a problem halved. When we tell a trusted adult about a worry, we can usually sort out what is causing the worry, and it goes away. Thank you Mrs Greenwood for reading it to us.

Norman the Slug with the silly shell

This is "Norman the Slug with the silly shell" by Sue Hendra. Mrs Russell has chosen it to share with you. Are there any new words you didn't know before? Come and tell us a new word you have learned!

The Jar of Happiness

This is "The Jar of Happiness" by Ailsa Burrows - a story about a little girl who wanted to take happiness with her every where, and how, ultimately, she learned how happiness is made through relationships and friendships. It is one of the stories we have used to learn about our relationships and emotions in our SMSC lessons this term. Thank you Mrs Andrews for reading it to us!

Augustus and his Smile

This is "Augustus and his Smile" by Catherine Rayner: the story that we are learning this half term. As well as enjoying this beautiful story, share it with your parents and carers and talk to them about the new words you are learning to understand - especially all those wonderful verbs! Can you use some of the new vocabluary yourself?

Who Flung Dung?

Clara in Brimley class brought this book in as one of her favourite books, and it was an instant hit! Remember to ask your parents what any new words mean and come and tell us the new words you are learning.

The Smartest Giant by Julia Donaldson

Mrs Russell has chosen The Smartest Giant to read to you. Can you say how George is showing compassion to the other children in the story?

The Badger's Bath

Mrs Andrews reads the story of Percy the Park Keeper and the Badger's Bath. Percy is a compassionate and kindly friend to all the animals in his park. In phase 1 we use Percy as a model of our school value Compassion which we are focusing on this half term.

Eat Your Peas

Everyone loves Eat you Peas - a great choice by Mrs Russell.


This is the story of Fender who goes to help an expedition clearing the litter from a beach. We are using this story as an inspiration for our own stories between now and the end of term. See how much of it you can remember and tell off by heart!

The Tin Forest

This is The Tin Forest, by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. It is the story that we have been using at Nature School this term. Thank you Mrs Andrews for reading it to us!

Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

This is chosen and read by Mrs Russell. Enjoy it!

The tiger who came to tea

This was one of Judith Kerr's first stories for children, and has stayed a favourite ever since. I hope you enjoy it!

Monkey Puzzle

A favourite from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, this is Mrs Andrews' choice for this week.

Billy's Bucket

This is "Billy's Bucket" by rbrown on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Here is a favourite with everyone! See how much of the story you can tell your family and friends yourself. Can you tell a different version of the story too?

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

A reading of Michael Rosen's classic