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Hawkmoor - Mrs Tettmar and Miss Humphrey teach in Hawkmoor for 2 and a half days each a week

Autumn Term 2018

Chocolate and Fair Trade

This term in Phase 2 our topic has been 'Chocolate and Fair Trade'. We begun the term in September learning about Fair Trade around the world. We looked at the different products that are produced and where in the world. We then used Google and The National Geographic Map Marker to pinpoint the countries and their products.

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We then had a fantastic phase trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall. It was a long drive by coach but definitely worth it. We not only had time to look around and visit the different biomes, we had different tasks and challenges that we took part in in teams. Hawkmoor completed the 'Chef's Challenge' where we had to locate different items to make a fabulous cake for the crazy chef. We found them all and the crazy chef made an amazing cake that we all got to taste!
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During English we have continued with our focus on Chocolate whilst reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have looked at how Roald Dahl has used speech, description and writing to bring his story alive. We even got to invent our own sweets to include in a new chapter for the book, these ranged from 'The Sizzler' designed by Caitlin and 'The amazing Surprise' designed by Toby. As a class, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and love the humour that Dahl included to make us laugh!        
Our topic work has been fantastic this term. We were set the challenge to design and make a new chocolate for Willy Wonka. These were then presented to the Dragons in the Dragons' Den to decide on a winning chocolate. Firstly, we had to research different chocolates, their packaging and pricing. Next we used this consumer research to design our own chocolate bars, name, package and cost them. We worked in teams across the phase to complete our tasks and be ready for the Dragons' Den. During the Dragons' Den we had to present our work and allow them to taste our chocolates, we were then judged on their taste, appearance, packaging and costing. In the end three teams won as the Dragons could not decide on one product to win as they were all great!
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