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Year 6 Pupils Planting a Wildflower Meadow for their Civic Award

Year 5 and 6 pupils developing leadership skills in their playground roles

Primary Body Language 2022 .

In March our Year 6 pupils took part in Primary Body Language 2022, coming together with other schools in our Sports partnership. It was 2 years since this last happened, how our world has changed since then! Every year PBL has a theme, and this years was COP26. At the start of January the seven schools each selected aspects of the main theme: Mitigation, Adaption and Collaboration to explore ideas for their dance. It was wonderful to see how passionate, motivated and inspired the pupils were about their planet. The atmosphere on the day was a mixture of nerves and excitement for both pupils and staff alike. During the afternoon the pupils first watched a mini show performed to them by the SDCC students. This certainly inspired them and set the tone for the day. They then rotated around a dance technical rehearsal, an art workshop and a music workshop. Then, ShowTime! Not only one show, but two. 5.15pm and 6.45pm to maximize audiences. All seven schools performed brilliantly, each piece was so powerful. After the finale bows all 198 pupils were on stage and all sang ‘This Could Change Everything’ (by Francesca Battiselli). Becky Mason from the DSSP says 'Their faces lit up as the wall of noise boomed around the hall. It was such an awesome moment to be part of. I looked back up into the audience with so many proud parents smiling, many with tears in their eyes. With so many additional pressures teachers have in Primary schools I am so thankful that they are still really keen to be involved in the show. We are so fortunate to have such talented and committed staff in our learning community. It is a massive commitment of time and energy and without the primary staff the children would miss out on such a wonderful opportunity. They are all such a pleasure to work with.'