Bovey Tracey Primary School

Theatre Alibi: Down to Earth

We were so fortunate to be visited by Theatre Alibi on 9th and 10th of November 2020 with their COVID-friendly production Down to Earth. Janet - an astronaut from the International Space Station - landed on the school field with battery problems, after a small error in her calculations brought her down to Bovey Tracey instead of her intended destination in the north of Scotland. Below you will see what children across the school have done in class in response to her visit, what they have said, and what parents have said.

We are immensely grateful to the PTA for funding this visit.

Janet visited each class separately with different stories to tell each phase.

Children in Yarner and Kennick were completely captivated by Janet and were keen to write about what they would take with them to space. We also talked about the important work astronauts do whilst on the International Space Station.

In Brimley we talked about how people felt in space. First of all we thought about how Janet would feel like physically, and then emotionally. Then with the help of Oliver Jeffer's Book 'The way back home' we thought about how we feel without other people there and how our feelings change when we have friends to talk to.

Phase 3


In Phase 3, we wrote some space poetry to cheer Janet up on her return voyage.  Some children also chose to write her letters to respond to her visit.

Phase 3's poetry

Phase 2

After our visit from Janet, we thought about what it be like for Janet to arrive in space. We wrote the beginning of our stories where we introduced and described the setting. 

Can you spot any noun phrases?