Bovey Tracey Primary School


Welcome to Reddaford Class!

Reddaford - Mrs Gant teaches in Reddaford full time

Arts Week - July 2019

We all had fun creating Dartmoor wildlife out of recycled materials as well as adding to a large collage that will be displayed in the school hall.

On Wednesday afternoon Reddaford walked down to Nature school and enjoyed taking part in three different activities. It was a lovely afternoon! Have a look at our creations...
Fantastic Bogarts!
We also made dens, played in the mud kitchen, created tile pictures and leaf pictures.

Spring Term 2019

Romans on the Rampage

We have had a fantastic start to this term with the introduction of our new topic. We normally share the topic with the children during the term before to get their ideas for our planning. However this term we decided to keep it as a surprise so that they could try and guess what our new topic was going to be. On the second day of term the children were involved in an all day topic day in which they were preparing for a phase banquet. They made bread, prepared and cut vegetables and different foods and made mosaics. During the afternoon the children had a Roman Banquet and were introduced to our topic, 'Romans on the Rampage'.

Over the last two weeks the children have been making leaflets, posters and PowerPoint Presentations about Roman lives. In pairs they were given an area to research, present and teach the class. We had some super presentations to the class where the 'audience' had to write down two facts that they had learnt about each area of Roman lives. They were all really informative and it was easy to find two facts!

We have been making Roman shields in Reddaford. First we looked at Roman shields and their designs, then we came up with some of our own ideas that could be used and finally we chose our final design and made this using large pieces of cardboard. Have a look at the photos below, can you spot any similarities to the Roman shields?

A Roman Day with Claudius Maximus

Phase 2 experienced an amazing day under the rule of Claudius Maximus a Roman Soldier, a Centurion. It began with the ‘soldiers’ being organised into Contubernium (8 men), under strict guidance they needed to stand straight and equally spaced at an arms width apart. Phase 2 made up 10 contuberniums with a total of 80 men and this made a grand Roman Army called a Centuria.

The morning consisted of strict orders and discipline. The ‘soldiers’ revisited the important dates leading from 55BC when Julius Caesar first invaded Britain to the present day creating a human time line. Claudius Maximus invited children to join in a game naming parts of the armour, costume and weapons.

Later that day, all the ‘soldiers’ in the Centuria used their own personally designed shield to interlock creating the formation called ‘The Tortoise (Testudo)’ which acts as a shell to protect the soldiers.