Bovey Tracey Primary School

UK Parliament Week

UK Parliament Week October 2021

UK Parliament Week October 2020

Phase 3

In Phase 3 this week we will be looking at how Parliament is set up.  We will then be going on to hold our own debate in classes which will relate to the work of Sir David Attenborough (one of our chosen Pioneers who we our studying in our topic) and environmental issues that he has raised.  Check back here soon for photos/videos of our debate!


An exciting debate in Hawkmoor today! We began the session with very mixed feelings about whether it was ok to bully a bully. 

During our debate, we were split into two groups. A group FOR the statement and a group AGAINST the statement. We got told which side we had to support and we actually think that Miss Humphrey planned this as lots of us that were FOR the statement actually had to fight AGAINST it! This really opened up our ideas and made us think very carefully about the statement as we had to try and persuade the other group. 

Right up until the last minute, we were still fighting both sides of the debate. Miss Humphrey summarised and we placed our final votes. 

In the end, we all decided that it is not ok to bully a bully and that we don't want to live in a world where everyone is a bully. Miss Humphrey had a very big smile on her face at the end of the debate and she looked very proud of us all! 

Here are some of our thoughts during our debate:

  • A bully needs to learn their lesson.
  • Don't do anything back, ask someone to help sort it out. 
  • It is ok to bully a bully as they bullied you. 
  • Does bullying a bully make you as bad a the bully?
  • Would bullying a bully make me a bully?
  • Bullies can't get away with it! 
  • I strongly agree.
  • I strongly disagree. 
  • I agree. 
  • I disagree. 

Brimley Class

Brimley reviewed what we had learned about capital cities in the UK. They all have a parliament! We learned that adults choose who works in Parliament and that there they decide on the rules we have in the country to keep us safe and happy. We learned about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night - because it is better to make rules in parliament than use violence.