Bovey Tracey Primary School

Theatre Alibi Visits

5th December 2022 - The Parcel

Once again we had a wonderful visit from Theatre Alibi with their production The Parcel. Children were asked to come to the hall to take delivery of a large parcel... what was inside? Another fabulous show, with the signature mix of fun and poignancy that entertained our children from the very youngest to the eldest, giving them a theatre experience and opening minds to new ideas and boundless imagination. 

Brimley really enjoyed watching The Parcel. We even wrote and sent off some letters to Kit and Tobin.

Reception loved it! Afterwards they made parcel cards. Inside they drew things that were important to send to the person the card was for - things they liked, or love hearts to send their love.

Yarner and Kennick

Phase 2 really enjoyed the performance and meeting Kit and Tobin. We have written letters to them.

Phase 3 loved watching 'The Parcel'. In response, we looked at post through the ages and read and performed WH Auden's night mail poem. We then wrote each other anonymous postcards with positive affirmations on and really enjoyed receiving them from one another!

Autumn 2021 - Stand Up! (and Boogie!)

What a brilliant show! The children had a wonderful experience today as the two characters revealed their inner, creative, loveable souls! Their responses will follow, but for now some of their faces and reactions say it all...

In Reception, we were captivated by the show and couldn't wait to try out our own dance moves when we got back. We then listened to a follow up story ' Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons'. We talked as a class about how we feel when we lose something and what we would do to try and find it. We then talked about things we will never lose... like our voices. This brought us back to the visit and how the actors danced or sang every time they thought of something happy. We made up our own song to sing to make us feel happy.

'Our voices, our voices, our beautiful singing voices. Our voices, our voices, our beautiful singing voices."

Brimley were similarly captivated. The actors' singing and dancing made us feel so happy! Back in class we read The Best Worst Day Ever by Sophy Henn. Arthur finds that while stomping feels cross and grumpy, a wiggle dance makes you feel much happier. And hooting and tooting was much more fun than huffing and puffing. We tried it out to see if Arthur was right... and he was!

The children in Yarner were inspired to create a plan their own versions of Giraffe's Cant Dance, using a range of other animals.

The children in Phase 2 thought they were attending a 'normal' phase assembly but...

Little did they know!

On Wednesday 17th November, Phase 2 entered the hall for a 'normal' phase assembly. Mr Oaff welcomed the children and introduced the short film that we would be watching. Whilst he was introducing the film, a visitor introduced themselves as an inspector and explained how they would be watching the pupils and teachers! As the film continued, a caretaker cleaned the hall quietly around them.

As the film came to an end, much to everyone's surprise, the inspector began singing and playing a musical instrument. The caretaker then came to life and began engaging with the inspector. The children in phase 2 didn't know what to think!

The inspector and caretaker then spent the rest of the assembly sharing their passions with the phase. The inspector loved to sing and play music and the caretaker thoroughly enjoyed dancing. The children enjoyed watching the inspector and caretaker sing, dance and share their passions.


The next day, the children in Hawkmoor thought about their own passions and hobbies and how people can't always tell what these are by looking at them. We considered the passions and hobbies of well-known people and how some of these really surprised us.

Did you know that Beyonce has bee hives and enjoys making honey?

Did you know that Tom Daley enjoys crochet?

We decided that it actually doesn't matter if we all have different passions and that it is really important that we still follow and enjoy these even if others don't.

Next, in groups, we created our own characters with real jobs and real passions. We thought about how their daily working lives would be and why they might enjoy their hobbies and passions.

Here we are creating our characters.

Phase 3 were captivated by the fantastic show! Here are some examples of their beautiful poetry which uses onomatopoeia and links it with a wonderful memory or feeling!

November 2020 - Down to Earth


We were so fortunate to be visited by Theatre Alibi on 9th and 10th of November 2020 with their COVID-friendly production Down to Earth. Janet - an astronaut from the International Space Station - landed on the school field with battery problems, after a small error in her calculations brought her down to Bovey Tracey instead of her intended destination in the north of Scotland. Below you will see what children across the school have done in class in response to her visit, what they have said, and what parents have said.

We are immensely grateful to the PTA for funding this visit.