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School Council

School Council


What is the aim of a school council?
The aim of our School Council is to provide the children of Bovey Tracey Primary School with ‘a voice’, an opportunity to have their opinions heard.


What do the school council do?
The councillors talk with their class and listen to any ideas their classmates may have about the school, it is the responsibility of the school councillors for raising any issues at the fortnightly meetings, and as a group to discuss ideas.



Latest news from the School Council

Children in Need 2019

On Friday 15th November, Bovey School Council had their first event to organise. Children in Need is always a fantastic opportunity to have fun whilst raising money for a really important cause. The School Council came up with some fundraising ideas of their own, they then took these to their classes to find out their opinions. After this, the School Council met again to share how the children in the school wanted to raise money. It was decided to give the children in the school two options, to wear pjs or bright colours to school. Having two options meant that all of the children in the school could join in and have fun. Two school councillors also went to Mrs Stapleton in the kitchen, to ask if she would make some Pudsey biscuits that could be sold to the children. 

After the plan was in place, the school council had to write a letter to parents to tell them about the event and make posters to advertise the fundraiser to the children.  

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Visit from an Education Engagement Officer from Parliament

On Wednesday 2nd October, the School Council had a really exciting visit from Tomas Williams who works for Parliament. He spoke to the council about Parliament, how it is organised and also explained how new laws are passed. The children got to use some high tech gadgets to take part in different debates and cast their votes. To finish, Tomas talked to the children about how they can use their School Council 'voice' within our school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and went away with new ideas and how they could implement these. 

School Councillors 2019-2020

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School Councillors 2019-2020 2
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At the beginning of the academic year, the class have the opportunity to nominate children in their class to be a school council member, they must give a reason why they feel the child would be a worthy member of the school council. Then the nominated children have to create a manifesto explaining why they will be a good member of  the school council, which they present to their class. The class then have to the chance to vote for two candidates from their class (one boy and one girl). The candidates with the most votes are then elected to the School Council for the rest of the academic year. 


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Manifestos 2
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