Bovey Tracey Primary School


Our Governors’ Role


Governors represent the largest group of voluntary workers in the country and exist to promote the interests of the school and its children. Although each governing body will reflect the needs of their individual school, the governors have 3 main roles within the school community:


1. To provide a strategic view: Governors help to decide the ways to improve the school so that children learn effectively and achieve the highest possible standards.


2. To act as a critical friend: Governors also have a supportive role and through their expertise and knowledge take responsibility for monitoring the school’s effectiveness by asking questions and seeking to make improvements.


3. To ensure accountability: The governing body is responsible for ensuring quality education and has a duty to discuss and question proposals that affect this.


Chair of the Governors - Mrs Rebecca Cosgrave and Mrs Amber Macdonald

Clerk to the Governors - Ms Justine Cole


The Chair or Clerk to the Governors can be contacted at the school by phoning 01626 833257 or emailing


If there are any matters regarding the school which you wish to discuss, any of the governors will be happy to talk them over with you.


We meet each month as a full governing board. Every member has a key area of responsibility (covering finance, personnel, premises and health & safety, curriculum, inclusion/SEND, school improvement, community and parent links) with Terms of Reference for each as appropriate.  Each meeting is managed by Co-Chairs, and a vice chair attending all meetings.  

Name Category Appointed by Term of office ends Key Area of Responsibility Title
(term of office)
Sarah Baker Parent Governor Parental vote 16.07.2022 Staff, parents and Community  
(4 years)
Ali Bright Co-opted governor Governing Body 03.11.2023 Premises
Health & Safety
(4 years)



Co-opted governor Governing Body  12.01.2024 Finance Vice-chair of Governing Body
(4 years)
Suzannah Caudle Co-opted Governing Body  15.09.2023 Pupil Premium  
(4 years)
Rebecca Cosgrave Local Authority Governing Body 10.02.2023 SEND Co-chair of Governing Body
(4 years)
Rebecca Forrest Co-opted Governing Body 15.09.2023 Whole School Deputy Head
(4 years)
Amber Macdonald Co-opted Governing Body 27.10.2024 Curriculum Co-chair of Governing Body
(4 years)
James McCauley Parent Governor Parental vote 06.05.2023 Safeguarding  
(4 years)
Patrick Oaff Staff Governor Staff vote 23.04.2023    
(4 years)
Louise Prywata Head Teacher School As post Whole School Head Teacher
Karen Venn-Dunn Parent Governor Parental vote 06.05.2023 Personnel  
(4 years)
Amy Yeo Parent Governor Parental vote 10.12.24     
 (4 years)


Governors who have stepped down:


Jonathan Moore 13/01/2020
Henry Tobin 14/10/2019
Oliver Garrett 16/09/2019
Sophie Morton-Angel 05/04/2019
Alison Clayton 25/03/2019
Christopher Goulden 11/02/2019