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Welcome to Pullabrook Class!

Pullabrook - Mr Oaff teaches in Pullabrook full time



Welcome to 2022


I hope you all had a great Christmas break.


This term is an exciting one.


We will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians in our "Greatest Achievements" topic.

We have a launch day at the start of term when we will have a day full of Egyptian activities whilst dressed up to play the role of an Egyptian from 5000 years ago.










We are looking at "Mimi and the Mountain Dragon"


We were looking at expanded noun phrases. When writing, we want the reader to clearly picture the scene in their head.


We started off with a very simple sentence "Mimi walked".


As a class we worked on how to improve this to create a better effect for the reader.


Here is an example of how we improved it...


Mimi wandered slowly.


Early in the morning, Mimi wandered slowly out into the snow.


Early in the morning when everything was still, Mimi wandered slowly out into the deep, white blanket of snow."Umph", she muttered quietly as she slipped face first into the giant cushion of snow.



We are going to move onto inventing our own stories that will be full of incredible description.