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Welcome to Pullabrook Class!

Pullabrook - Mr Oaff teaches in Pullabrook full time



This term our topics have been "Water World" and "It's Electric".


We began our Water World topic by visiting Teignmouth.


We looked at the geographical features of Teignmouth, focusing specifically on the physical and human geography.









The term began with the children making bread, cutting fruits and creating mosaics. These activities were preparations for their Roman banquet in the afternoon, where the children were able to taste all of the different foods they had prepared earlier in the day. The figs had mixed reviews!


We then learnt about the Romans. Such as...

A timeline of The Roman Empire

Roman life

The Roman invasions of Britain

The spread of the Roman Empire across Europe

Creating mosaics on computers

Creating our own Roman shields


There was also another fantastic day when we had a visit from Claudius Maximus, a real life Roman Centurion! We learnt some very strict routines the Roman Army faced, learnt about the weapons a Roman soldier carried and also recreated a Roman/Celtic battle on the school field.


The pictures below will show you some of the amazing things we have experienced.